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Banding ready-made meals

Sealing and labelling in one concept

Banding is the perfect method for labelling ready-made meals. In many cases, the band serves as a label, seal, and branding tool all at the same time. As the band only covers a small part of the packaging, the customer has an optimal view of its contents and is more likely to buy it.

Your product stands out in the supermarket

Ready-made meals are popular. A well-designed and catchy band contributes to your sales success. A good view of the content and design, will win over the consumer. To increase visibility, you can also opt for a partly transparent band. A die cut can also ensure that your product stands out even more. This allows you to make your logo or brand stand out even more.

Your benefits

  • Very fast, efficient and simple process
  • Fully recyclable banding materials available
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Also ideal for Private Label
  • Higher probability that the product is picked up from the supermarket shelf
  • Flexible marketing tool, seal, and label in one concept
  • Low packaging costs due to wafer-thin banding (35 micron is unique on the market)

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