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Stacking and bundling

Bandall offers various possibilities for the fully automatic stacking and bundling of products using only one machine. Whether you’re stacking and bundling 2, 3, or 7 products, big or small, Bandall offers the right solution. From standardized to fully automatic and customized multi-head machines.

Fully automated stacking and bundling

Of course, you are also able to stack and bundle semi-automatically using our Stand Alone machine. For large production volumes, we offer various fully automated stacking and bundling solutions. For even larger production volumes and speeds, we also offer multi-head machines. Which solution fits your situation best, depends on your product and process specifications.

The TRLS-ST; compact stacking and bundling machine

The compact TRLS-ST stacking and banding machine is very suitable for making multipacks quickly and fully automatically using as little packaging material as possible. This machine is equipped with a short infeed line and an integrated stacking unit, and is suitable for a large range of product sizes. The end result is a firmly bundled stack of flat boxes, thermoformed packaging, or flow packs. Ideal for Retail Ready Packaging or promotional packaging.

Your benefits with TRLS-ST

• Compact and flexible
• Fast and budget-friendly
• Fully automated infeed and outfeed
• Different product sizes possible
• Easy to adjust

Stacking and bundling with a Multi-Head Machine

If the products leave your production process at high speeds, we may recommend a multi-head machine. These machines divide the supply over several lines, with each line having its own stacking unit and banding head. The machines can be made with two, three, four, or even five heads. These are often standardized and proven technologies, combined with product-specific customization.

Your benefits with a multi-head machine

  • Very high production capacities possible
  • Guaranteed stable bundles
  • Fully automatic infeed and outfeed
  • Easy to adjust
  • Available with various printer options for variable prints
  • All benefits of the unique band feed-through system

Stacking and crosswise banding

In some cases - often for logistical reasons - product bundles require additional sturdiness. Crosswise banding could be an option in such a case.

Immediate benefits:

  • Less packaging material compared to shrink film
  • Optimal transport efficiency
  • Extra strong bundles
  • Excellent references worldwide

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