Banding with film

Banding material made of film is available in many types and sizes. The choice for a certain type of film depends on the customer's wishes and the specifications of the product. The band thickness is expressed in mµ. Bandall's advanced vacuum band feed-through system is able to process the thinnest banding material available on the market; starting at 35 mµ.

The advantages of film

  • Strong carrying capacity
  • Easy to print
  • Easily recyclable
  • A functional level of elasticity, if required

The thickness of the material can run from 35 to 100 mµ.

Various types of film

  • White (foamed) PP films
  • Transparent PP films
  • Transparent BOPP films
  • White BOPP films

In addition to the standard films mentioned above, various variations are available. Such as the so-called PLA biodegradable films. However, its availability is limited worldwide. The way in which waste is processed in each country determines the success of these materials. Bandall will always recommend the most sustainable material, such as paper, based on your requirements and product specifications.

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