Packaging pet food by banding

Banding is ideal for bundling and packaging pet food. With a cleverly designed band, you will increase your sales, while at the same time using less packaging material. As cans of, for example, cat or dog food can be easily bundled, it is also easy to create a striking promotional packaging or value pack.

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Striking promotional packaging

With a band, you can easily create an attractive promotional packaging in no time at all. This is possible with the manually operated Stand Alone machine, but also with the fully automated stacking/bundling/labelling machines. You will immediately save on packaging material, as you are able to work with wafer-thin banding material. Compared to shrink film, the reduction could result in no less than 80%. With the ability to print variable data on the band while banding, you can achieve even more flexibility.

Benefits of banding pet food

  • Very fast, efficient and simple process
  • Sustainable packaging with environmentally friendly and recyclable banding material
  • Ideal for marketing
  • High uptime thanks to reliable technology and few mechanical parts
  • Low material costs due to wafer-thin banding (35 micron is unique on the market)
  • Ideal for labelling, promotional packaging, Shelf Ready and Retail Ready Packaging
  • Excellent references

Some of the applications of banding:

Shelf Ready Packaging

Promotional packaging


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