Packaging textile by banding

Neat and tight bundles of textiles and laundry with a minimal use of material; this is possible with banding. Some companies are still packaging textile with film, but this can be done with a simple strip of paper or film. Resulting in up to 80% reduction in material. Worldwide, industrial laundromats are using Bandall bundling technologies for industries like airlines, hotels, and care chains.

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Markets we serve:

Laundry industry

Mats & Carpets

Sustainable packaging

Industrial laundries are increasingly switching to more sustainable packaging options. Pressure from clients and end customers play a role in this. The result is that piles of laundry are more often being bundled using paper bands in different places. This can be done with a pre-printed band with a logo or message, as well as with an unprinted band. With optional printing technology, it is also possible to print information on the band while banding.

Textile products banded by our machines:

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