Research & Development

Bandall has its own Research & Development department. Through collaboration between R&D and other departments, and by listening to the wishes and needs in the field, new creative packaging solutions and innovations are constantly being created.

The heart of the organization

At Bandall we listen to the wishes of our customers, partners, employees, and society. The R&D department is the place where all these signals of the in- and outside world come together and are translated into new adjustments and innovations. As a broad group of people is always involved in the innovation process, all different perspectives are taken into account and the right packaging solution is achieved.

Customization and pioneering

The possibilities with banding are endless. Sometimes it only takes a small-scale customization, while other developments can lead to another technical revolution. The most beautiful and sustainable solutions and developments are created in the R&D department, where people of different know-how and disciplines work together.