Modular banding machines

Components of Bandall's proven banding technology can also be integrated separately into your existing production and packaging processes. Your own integrators will incorporate the separate modules in existing packaging lines. Always in close consultation with your engineering team.

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Flexible and easy to integrate

The separate modules include a banding head and arch, the control box and the (external) reel holder. The control unit of the modules are prepared for signal exchange with other components. This way it is fully modified to your systems. Some benefits of the Bandall Modular include:

  • Guaranteed Bandall quality
  • Excellent guidance and adjustment
  • Excellent references in virtually all markets


This renewed modular banding machine allows for even higher production speeds and more flexibility. With up to 40 bands per minute, it is incredibly fast and accurate.

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Modular banding machine

Bandall services and warranties

The modular Bandall machines fall under the service and maintenance department of Bandall. The same applies to the warranty agreements.

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