Banding Material

What is a band?

A band is a (narrow) strip of paper or film that is placed around one or more products with the use of a banding machine. The choice for paper or film always depends on your wishes and product specifications.

Why choose a band?

A band often serves as an alternative for labels, shrink film, bags or outer boxes. The main reason for this, is the reduction in materials and plastics. Saving 80 per cent or more on packaging material is no exception. The whole world experiences the shortage of raw materials. A band represents minimalism and efficiency.

Bands in all types and forms

Bandall supplies bands of various thicknesses, widths, types, and sizes. From wafer-thin and very strong to sustainable and fully recyclable. Optional (luxury) printing technologies and 'Die Cuts' ensure that your product stands out on the shelf. The choice of the right material is always the result of an extensive consultation about your applications and product specifications.

Standard sizes

You can choose from the standard widths of 28, 40, 48, 60, 75, 100, 125 and 150 mm. The rolls themselves are available up to a length of 2,500 metres. The unique Bandall vacuum band feed-through system makes it possible to process extremely thin material of as little as 35 mµ.

The materials at a glance




Printed band

Film or paper?

Unprinted band

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