Special bands

Banding material can be more than just a roll of paper or film. With additional printing and cutting techniques, extra added value can be achieved, which benefit the success of the band. This can increase the chance of your product being picked up from the (supermarket) shelf.

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Special printing techniques

In collaboration with Specialist Printer Max. Aarts in Enschede, the Netherlands, Bandall offers numerous special banding concepts. Such as:

  • A luxurious look with additional gold and silver print
  • Luxury laminated finishes
  • Food grade inks
  • ECO.BANDING with positioned ECO.SEAL
  • Die cut for additional attention value

Print extra variable data with SHOWTAB

With SHOWTAB, there is more space for information, branding, QR- or bar codes. The SHOWTAB is a band with an extra extension that offers the opportunity to print extra variable data, all in 1 step. With the extension, for example, tracking & tracing codes are always within reach.

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