Bundling and banding confectionery

A well-designed band makes your confectionery and sweets even more appealing. The better the design, the higher the chance that your sales will increase. Banding is also a highly flexible labelling method to market confectionery under a private label. In many cases, the band also serves as a seal, a great example of tamper evident packaging.

Macarons in banding machine

Appealing promotional packaging in no time

By making promotional packaging or a value pack with a (pre-printed) band, you can save a lot of packaging material. Especially compared to shrink film. Bandall is able to offer various options for fast, efficient and sustainable bundling. Also with paper. Semi-automatic Stand Alone machines or fully automated stacking and bundling machines, Bandall is guaranteed to have the best solution for you.

Your benefits

  • Very fast, efficient and simple process
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Stacking, bundling and labelling with one machine
  • A-well designed band increases sales
  • High uptime thanks to reliable technology and few mechanical parts
  • Low packaging costs due to wafer-thin banding (35 micron is unique on the market).
  • Also ideal for Private Label, promotion packaging, Shelf Ready and Retail Ready Packaging

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