Bundling EPS and XPS by banding

EPS and XPS products are produced in various ways. This material is usually used for insulating or protecting appliances. The material leaves production shaped as plates, panels and mats and is then often packaged or bundled in shrink film. An unnecessary amount of packaging, since one or two thin bands can suffice. A reduction of packaging material of 80% or more is no exception.

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Damage-free bundling

What makes these Bandall machines so special is that they are able to band very large product sizes, without affecting reliability or quality. This is possible thanks to Bandalls's unique vacuum band feed-through system. All EPS and XPS products are guaranteed to be bundled without damage, without affecting quality.

Benefits of bundling by banding

  • Short payback time
  • Highly reliable
  • Guaranteed damage-free bundling
  • Considerable savings on packaging material
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Excellent references

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