Save costs, time and packaging material in your logistical process with Bandall's bundling and banding solutions. Shrink film, outer cartons and self-adhesive labels are often no longer needed when banding. Moreover, banding makes order handling a lot simpler.

Efficient order picking

In order to transport goods from A to B, a lot of packaging material is often used unnecessarily. For example shrink film, outer cartons or bags, often complemented with elastic bands, metal clips or tape. With one or multiple bands these become unnecessary. Resulting in a huge reduction in packaging material. Moreover, you will save time, as the band can be removed in no time at its destination.

Shelf/Retail Ready Packaging

At the end of the logistic route, supermarket employees place your products on the shelf and remove the band. In no time at all, your products are ready to be sold. In addition, you will save on packaging material. Easy to scan bar codes, QR codes and other variable information can be printed on the band while banding, as a result of which logistical information is always within reach to be read or scanned.


Bandall also offers various solutions for E-commerce related logistical processes. Such as Tamper Evident sealing of your shipped package with a band. Or for example bundling several products in order to save on filling or packaging material. Bar codes with shipment information can be printed on the band while banding.

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