Banding mats & carpets

Keep your mats and carpets rolled up with one or more bands. Right away, you are able to save significantly on packaging material. Savings of 80 per cent are no exception. If you opt for a pre-printed band, it can serve as a label as well. With plenty of room for product and brand information.

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Benefits of banding

  • Save packaging materials (75 per cent or more)
  • Significant benefits for the environment
  • Work faster and more efficiently
  • The band can also serve as an information carrier

Save 75% packaging material

Carpets, rugs, play mats, entrance mats, etc, are all rolled up. Nine times out of ten, these rolls are fully wrapped in plastic when sent to retailers, wholesalers, or end users. Often completely unnecessarily. The carpet remains neatly rolled up with a thin band. Bandall has developed a special banding arch for thicker rolls of carpet that guarantees a tight band.

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