Bundling by banding

With a Bandall you can bundle and band your products damage free, regardless of branch or industry. Simply with a small narrow strip of paper or film. Think of bundling high quality printed matter, luxury packaging such as for perfume, security documents, and (in-mould) labels. Promotional packaging is also easily made.

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EPS before and after banding

Ensured of perfect bundles

With the unique vacuum feed system that our machines use, the corners and edges of your product are well protected. This way you are always ensured of perfect bundles, no matter the size. To guarantee stability, you can choose to use multiple bands parallel or cross banding.

The unique Bandall vacuum feed system eliminates friction in the arch. This helps to create a faster and more reliable band transport. The advantages include:

  • Fewer parts that are subject to wear
  • Only banding system compatible with very large arch sizes
  • Side sealing and top sealing possible without affecting quality or performance

Always the right tension

The band tension can be accurately adjusted, taking into account how fragile your product is. This way, the band always has the correct tension around your products. From loose to very tight, the tension is always perfectly adjusted to your products.

Benefits of banding

  • Guaranteed damage free bundling
  • Banding replaces shrink film
  • 80% material reduction is no exception
  • Ideal for post press print finishing
  • Perfect method to make promotional packaging

Some of the applications of banding:

Promotional packaging

Shelf Ready Packaging

Print & Band

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