Labelling by banding

A band can serve perfectly as a label, as the entirety of the band can be printed on. The wafer thin banding material offers many advantages in comparison to self-adhesive labels or sleeves. A well-designed band leads to a higher chance of being picked up from the shelves, meaning an increase in sales.

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Products being labelled
Ecoline labelled with a band

Unique branding opportunities

As the band only covers a small part of your product, your product will remain the centre of attention. The entire band offers space for your product information and brand identity. If your product requires a wider band, your product visibility doesn’t have to be compromised. By making (a part of) the band transparent your products stays perfectly visible.

Branding by Banding

Our Branding by Banding application allows for more in store visibility using a pre-printed band. Any and all required product, brand, and additional information can be aesthetically printed. With the Bandall banding technology, you are assured that all information is visible in the correct location.

Leeks labelled with Branding by Banding
Examples of the Print & Band application

Print & band

Bandall doesn’t just offer pre-printed banding materials, additional printers make it possible to print (variable) information directly onto the band, during the banding process. This can be applied to a pre-printed, as well as an unprinted band. The Print & Band application makes your labelling process extra flexible. By printing variable information during the banding process, you will require less banding material in stock. This helps to reduce transport and storage costs. With any product updates, you won’t have to throw any material away!

Advantages of banding

Using a band as a label comes with many advantages, such as:

  • Variable labelling solutions
  • Reduction in materials
  • Less packaging waste
  • Cost saving
  • Sustainability

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