Promotional packaging with a band

Want to create promotional or discount packaging? With a band, you can band multiple products with ease. Pre-printed with promotional text, unprinted, or printed on during the banding process. Fast, simple and affordable. With many immediate benefits in terms of material reduction. Especially compared to alternative packaging materials, such as shrink film or sleeves.

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Cans as promotional packaging in the banding machine

A band makes your product stand out

With ease, you can bundle two, three, four, six, or even more cans of fish, cold cuts, soup, soaps, or chocolate bars. A band in your own style gives your promotional packaging even more appeal, and a greater chance of being picked up from the shelf.

Benefits of banding

  • An eye-catching promotional package, superfast and easy
  • More impact with less material, less energy and fewer actions
  • More efficient than other packaging methods, such as shrink film and sleeves
  • A band can be easily removed

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Make your product stand out with a band