Skin pack tray labelling by banding

Skin packs come in various shapes and sizes. Irregular contours can be particularly challenging. This is why a specialised and professional approach is needed for skin pack tray labelling. Bandall machines are excellent when it comes to dealing with contour differences in the packaging. We guarantee an attractive and neatly labelled skin pack.

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Labelling skin packs
Examples of labelled skin packs

Easily and neatly labelled

A band is ideal for skin pack tray labelling. Skin packs containing, for example, a lobster shell or a T-bone steak are often slightly higher than the tray packaging. This frequently causes problems when regular labels are used. These irregular shapes are not an issue for our banding machines. Thanks to our unique technology, you can be sure that labels will always fit neatly and tightly around your skin pack.

Less packaging material

By using a band, significant material reductions can be achieved in comparison to for example sleeve packaging. A reduction of up to 50% can be realized due to the band consisting of very thin material. In addition, a band is a more flexible packaging solution compared to a cardboard sleeve. By printing variable information during the banding process, you often only need one band design and one type of roll in stock.

Skin pack tray labeling examples:

With the use of a band, your product will be the central focus. The band offers space for product information and your brand identity across the entire width and length of the band, while your product stays clearly visible. A smart designed and printed band, will make sure your product stands out on the shelf. We refer to this approach as Branding by Banding. The optional print & band could offer even more flexibility.

Labelling skin packs by banding

Banding is the process of one or more products being wrapped with a thin band of paper or film. Bandall banding machines are very sustainable and last long thanks to our unique vacuum feed system. The banding machines are available in different versions. From semi-automatic Stand Alone models to fully automatic and custom-made versions.

The unique Bandall vacuum feed system eliminates friction in the arch. This helps to create a faster and more reliable band transport. The advantages include:

  • Fewer parts that are subject to wear
  • Only banding system compatible with very large arch sizes
  • Side sealing and top sealing possible without affecting quality or performance
Het banderolleren van een skinpack

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