Packaging bakery products by banding

Banding is a great tool for showing off the artisanal side of the bakery industry. A loaf of bread, cake, or cracker pack gets its own individual look with a well-designed band. This promotes sales. A band can also be applied directly around a loaf of bread, thanks to an optional food-grade laminate. A band can also be printed on both sides. This offers an additional opportunity for storytelling or the history of a bakery. Or think of the description of a traditional recipe.

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A band as label and seal

To extend freshness and shelf-life, many bakery products are packaged in primary plastic packaging. Think of flow packs, blister packs and clamshells. A band of the same type of material could provide the finishing touch as a label. Especially when it comes to effective marketing. Often, the band also serves as a seal, so the packaging remains properly closed.

Printing variable information

Within the bakery industry, it is not unusual for ingredients or product names to change. This does not have to result in throwing away outdated labels. With an optional printer, you are able to print variable information while banding. This way you achieve maximum flexibility, as it is easy to make a change or addition to the print job. After that, you can simply continue banding without wasting material. It also means that you require less packaging material in stock.

Benefits of banding

  • Very fast, efficient and simple process
  • Sustainable and flexible packaging
  • Confirms your artisanal image
  • Ideal for marketing and sealing
  • Low material costs due to wafer-thin banding (35 micron is unique on the market)
  • Perfect tool for promotion packaging, Shelf Ready and Retail Ready Packaging

Bakery products banded by our machines:

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