What is banding?

What is banding? Banding is the process of one or more product being wrapped with a thin band of paper or film. It is an efficient way to bundle, label or seal your products. The band can be used pre-printed or unprinted. An infinite number of applications are possible in all markets.

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Bandall banding machine in action

Efficiently label, bundle and seal products by banding

With banding, you can efficiently and sustainably label, bundle and seal your products. This is possible with pre-printed and unprinted banding materials. You can also print variable information during the banding process, which increases packaging flexibility. Banding leads to huge reductions in packaging materials. Especially compared to traditional packaging and labelling methods, such as shrink film, self-adhesive labels and boxes. Additional packaging elements, such as extra labels, clips, or elastics also become unnecessary.

Applications of banding:



Promotional packaging

Shelf Ready Packaging

Print & Band

Branding by Banding

Close up of banding machine

From packaging challenge to banding machine

Bandall offers a wide range of banding machines. Think of Stand Alone machines, fully automatic lines and multi-head machines. All machines are expendable with additional printers, a press, positioning system, and many more options. In consultation with you, we make sure the right packaging solution is reached, using the right machine. Tailored to your production process and product specifications.

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Advantages of banding

  • Sustainable and efficient bundling, labelling and sealing
  • Flexible on all fronts
  • Reduction in packaging materials
  • Cost saving
  • Good for the environment
Stand Alone machines

About Bandall

Bandall is a Dutch family run business that has been focussing on developing and producing innovative banding machines, for over 30 years. The wide range of banding solutions provide more sustainable packaging in over 120 countries, supported by an excellent network of over 50 distributors. Together, we make our slogan “The standard in banding” reality. Onderkant formulier

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